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Ethic Policy


At the Augustine Corporation we believe in providing IT services and solutions for media, travel and employment. Our Ethic Policy defines the integrity of all our employees. It codifies values and objectives, clarifying what is expected from our people.

Augustine Corporation expects and demands that each of its business units, all its employees and executives carry out their business and perform their duties to the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all relevant legal principles. This standard of behaviour and performance is maintained in the company’s dealings with employees, customers and stakeholders (if any)


Augustine Corporation is committed to protecting employees, partners and customers and the company from illegal or damaging actions by individuals either knowingly or unknowingly. Augustine Corporation will not tolerate any wrongdoing or impropriety at anytime, and the corporation will take appropriate measures in correcting the issue if the ethical code is broken


The aim of the ethic policy is to establish the idea of openness, trust and emphasize the employee’s expectation to be treated to fair business practice. This policy is set to provide guidance and standards to promote consistency in behaviour across all levels of employment. It governs the action and working relationship of board members and top management.

General Principle

We conduct our operation with honesty, integrity, objectivity, professional competence, confidentiality and professional behaviour. Not forgetting the human rights and interests of our employees. In commitment, we provide transparency in all our services ensuring the customers trust and love what we do.

Note that this policy must be complied by all sectors of the Augustine Corporation rendering various services: AC- TAXS, Soiree News, Affirm Career, Acec Pro, Raah Hasting, Sunnycast, Minezeal and World Software. The Augustine Corporation must also obey the law of the country it operates in either local, state or federal law as the case maybe.


Employer/Top Management Commitment To The Policy

  • High Ranked leaders and executives within the Augustine Corporation must lay a good example, the guiding principles which entails integrity, honesty etc. Must be salient in all business practice.
  • Executives must have a free policy, and not to demonstrate to be all-knowing, so as to welcome suggestions, opinions etc. from employees. This will help in creating a better insight in the discussion and tackling of issues.
  • Top Management must disclose any conflict of interest regarding their position
  • Conflict of interest can have a negative impact on the reputation and effectiveness of Augustine Corporation when not disclosed.

Employees Commitment to Ethics

  • The Augustine Corporation will treat everyone equally with fairness, good conscience and mutual respect, this is to promote a team like atmosphere and avoid the idea and appearance of unethical or compromising practices.
  • Employees should apply effort and intellect in maintaining these values.
  • The conflict of interest basically arises when an employee allows their potential, personal, financial or non monetary interest affect their performance of their jobs. Therefore, they must disclose any conflict of interest and must not seek gain for themselves through misuse of position.
  • The Augustine Corporation will aid in increasing customers and vendors satisfaction by providing quality services.
  • The Augustine Corporation does not receive bribes directly or indirectly, or improper advantages for business or financial gain. Therefore, no employee may offer, accept or consider any gift or payment that may be construed to be a bribe. Following this, any offer of bribe must be rejected immediately and reported to the management.
  • Employees responsible for accounting records must accurately describe and reflect the nature of ongoing transactions

Adhering to Ethical Policy

  • Augustine Corporation will emphasize the significance of the guiding principle message and this will start at the apex. Every employee, executive and management must consistently maintain the ethic code and uphold its stance
  • The Augustine Corporation has in place a committee to ensure the policy is delivered to all employees and notions regarding the code are entertained.

Improper Behaviour

  • The Augustine Corporation will not condole any appearance of unethical or improper practices in transactions, actions and communication.
  • The Augustine Corporation will not tolerate harassment, discrimination or violation of rights instead; respect, dignity and fair treatment is preached.
  • Disclosure of company’s trade secrets, operational code, personnel, financial and technical information during or after employment is an offense and will not be permissible.
  • Political activities and donations are clearly personal and should give no impression of the Augustine Corporation.
  • Impropriety at any time and non accordance with the law constitute bad morals, capable of defaming the company’s image which is totally unacceptable.

Policy Compliance

Full compliance to this policy is advised, as non compliance or violation of the policy by an employee will be construed as an affront with a penalty of termination of employment.

Note, this policy is subject to review by the management any time it is deem fit.