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The Augustine Corporation is pledged to making corrections or clarifications to prototype material when it deems important. We assume quick effect to retouch even little fault like grammar usage, wrong spelling or stylistic changes. Although style changes do not alter the significance of the message, these kinds of “style” changes being used will be updated currently on our site with or without announcement.

In the case of errors that are being associated as essential to the content, we will update the content and observe those corrections on our page for a period of time; preferably sixty (60) days, after the correction is done, it must be linked to the corrected version of the original article which must be annotated for reference purpose.

This correction policy applies only to the Augustine Corporation prototype content including, but not limited to news, featured articles or original travel and employment reference material. Any corrections to a licensed or third party content are the duty of the publisher. Should in case, you realise an error in any of our content, bring it our knowledge, by sending an email to our customer care team or any service representative responsible for Consumerism