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Fact-checking is the act of verifying information in a nonfictional text to determine its veracity and correctness. It can be conducted before or after the text has been published or preferably disseminated


We are committed to attaining top accuracy in all our output. This commitment is essential to our name and the trust of the clients. The accuracy must be adequate and appropriate to the output, taking into account the subject and nature of the content and exploiting mention any constraint that may influence that expectation.


Commitment to Non-Partisanship and Fairness

Our fact-checking tactics is not concentrated on one side, it is solely based on fairness. We are not involved in the advocacy of the issues we fact-check neither do we take a position.

  • Commitment to Transparency of Sources
  • The Augustine Corporation holds in high esteem the need for our readers to be able to verify our findings themselves. We believe in openness and authenticity, by providing sources in enough detail, except in cases where there can be a compromise of personal security.

  • Commitment to the Open-mindedness of our Methodology
  • The approach we use to select, research, push, edit, write, etc. is all explained. The case of correction is done clearly and transparently. In the aspect of our funding, we ensure that funding organizations do not influence the conclusion we arrive in our services/reports.

The Corporation's Strategy in Approaching Fact-checking

The Augustine Corporation makes use of three phases in fact-checking, it is important to note that fact-checking is not like a spell check, and as such, no guide book or software will examine documents and pinpoint something that has been assumed to be a fact. Therefore, these strategies are;

  • Finding false claims of public relevance that are fact checkable, for this, the media agency of the Augustine Corporation determines major public claims and get it fact-checked if necessary.
  • Finding the facts of such claims by scouting for the best available evidence, either from eye witness or through geolocation.
  • Correcting such reports by examining the claim in the light of the found evidence usually on a level of truthfulness and relying on information from experts, academia, and top agencies.

Guiding Principles of Fact-checking
  • Affirmation of only Facts
  • The Augustine Corporation fact-checking concentrates on claims that contain at least one fact whose authenticity can be objectively verified. The Augustine Corporation fact checks are not involved in the assertion of the truthfulness of ideas, predictions, satires, sarcasm, or hyperbole.

  • Proximity
  • The closeness of the evidence to the fact.

  • Expertise
  • The Augustine Corporation researches the credentials of the producer who indicates the quality of the evidence.

  • Reliability
  • Is the evidence provided reliable and can it be evaluated? This is an important principle of fact-checking in the Augustine Corporation.

  • Rigour
  • How was the evidence attained, was it by force, pressure, ora under duress? And lastly the principle of transparency.

Policy Compliance

This policy must be followed by all the employees of the Augustine Corporation who are involved in the area of fact-checking, most essentially the Media agency.

Note that, for a fact check to be competent, it must possess currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose.